Customized Cleaning

The Benefits of Custom Cleaning Services

You may be surprised to learn that not all cleaning services are the same. From knowing which type of surface cleaner to use on polished concrete floors to identifying the best way to deep clean carpets, there are many facility factors that general cleaning companies simply do not have the expertise to address.
When you partner with a custom cleaning company, you can be confident you’re adding a team of cleaning experts to your organization. Those experts have the ability to not only identify the optimal cleaning program for your facility—they can also help answer any questions you may have at every stage. But that’s not the only benefit of a customized cleaning program.

Align a cleaning plan with your goals

Sure, generalized cleaning services may ensure that trash cans don’t overflow and dust doesn’t collect on surfaces, but how are they helping you achieve your organizational objectives? Many times, they aren’t. On the other hand, custom cleaning services can be tailored to match your business’s broader goals.

Maybe you want to reduce operating expenses, free your team from worrying about daily maintenance, minimize common allergens, or reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 at your facility. Whatever your goals are, a custom cleaning solution allows you to select a cleaning regimen geared toward achieving them.

Custom Services can be more cost-effective

You may be under the impression that custom cleaning services have to be more expensive than standard cleaning services. However, the opposite is often the case. For general cleaning services, you’re frequently charged one flat monthly fee for a suite of services, some of which you may need but others you may not.
Many general cleaning companies don’t allow you to opt out of certain packaged services. As a result, you may end up overspending on cleaning services that don’t necessarily benefit your organization. Choosing a customized cleaning plan ensures you get the most value from every dollar you spend on cleaning services.

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