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Finding the right janitorial service company in the Seattle area is no easy feat. Many janitorial service companies fail to provide businesses with a cost effective and completely efficient cleaning process for their workspace. If you find yourself constantly looking for “another janitorial service company”, then it is time to check out Richard’s American Services.

Let us do the work while you do what you love most!

Whether It’s our first clean, or 5th year of routine cleaning, we strive to maintain spotless facilities and the confidence of our customers. Our employees are trained for consistency, and to serve every customer’s specific needs.

Get Your Place Cleaned and Healthy

One less worry on your list, we take care of making your day to day easier. And we really enjoyed it!

Service Areas

We are currently serving the areas listed below


Seattle and surrounding areas


Tacoma and surrounding areas.

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Our valued customer say...

Elida Gudiel

We have been working with RAS for a long time and will continue to do so...their commitment to customer service is second to none...Richard and his staff combine to be the leading commercial cleaners in Seattle and Tacoma. Well done.

Mauricio Almeida

We have been using the services of RAS since its inception and we are very satisfied with the cleaning services they provide. They are open to any concerns/changes we may have and our account manager stops by regularly to make sure we are still happy with their performance.

Veronica Martinez

It is a great feeling to know our office is always being taken care of. The friendly and accommodating staff ensure our needs are met with high quality work. If there is ever an issue, a quick note or email results is swift action.

Erica Capellino

Why we like to do business with RAS: Cleaners get the tasks done efficiently and promptly, they aim to please, the staff at RAS are extremely friendly and always available to assist and willing to work around our schedules.

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